LaDonna Thomas, a Nurse Practitioner in the Compensation and Pension Unit developed and implemented a comprehensive resource manual entitled Caregiver Resource Decision Manual (Putting it all together). Debra Newsome, the charge nurse for the ENT/Plastics/POSH Clinics, generated the idea to provide the resource manual in the welcome package for every patient in the Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) clinic.

In an effort to increase caregiver’s knowledge and access to the VA and community resources that are available for the caregiver and the Veteran for whom they are caring, an educational intervention was implemented in the form of a resource manual.  Contents of the manual include caregiver support resources in the form of an if/then flowchart outlining the caregiving services that are provided within the VA and in the community. The Caregiver manual came about as a result of The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010 that was signed into law by President Obama. Copies can be obtained by emailing or .