When the invitation to discipleship is given, an individual may come forward to accept Christ.

Candidate(s) are seated on the front pew across from the Deacons.  Individuals requesting prayer and/or deliverance are then received by a Servant Leader (Pastors, Deacons, Evangelist, Ministers, etc.), once the request has been met the individual may then return to their seat.  The Church Clerk receives the candidate’s information via a New Disciple Information Sheet at the close of the worship service.

Candidacy options are as follows:

1.      Baptism - you are a new convert dedicating your life to Christ, or you have already accepted Christ but have never been baptized.  Baptism is provided by the Senior Pastor and occurs during a morning worship service.  Notification of baptism needs to be given to the Trustee Chair.

2.      Christian Experience - you have already dedicated your life to Christ and have already been baptized.

3.      Under Watch Care - you have moved away from your home church but wish to retain membership with them. However, until you return, you wish to unite with a church here and become part of our fellowship.  Individuals cannot hold leadership position, but can become involved with all ministries.

4.      By Letter - you have relocated and severed membership ties with your former church. In so doing, your former church may write a letter recommending you as a candidate for membership with Juniper Level.

5.      Rejoining Juniper Level - you are an inactive or former member of Juniper Level.

The Church Clerk will enter the name and telephone number of the candidate(s) on the New Disciple Information Sheet and forward this sheet to the New Member Class Instructor.  The New Member Class Instructor will contact each candidate via correspondence within two days of joining, informing them of class information and the process procedure for baptism.  Also, contact information will be provided to the "Minister of the Week" who will be responsible for following up with each candidate via telephone within a week's time.  In addition, the New Member Class Instructor will also provide the Church Administrative Assistant contact information on new members upon completion of classes. 

The New Member's Class is designed to affirm and ensure the major doctrines of our faith: salvation, repentance, baptism, sanctification, justification, redemption, and stewardship.  Classes are normally held during the Sunday school hour and are a requirement for all candidates prior to receiving the Right Hand of Fellowship.

Prior to the New Members Class, the New Member Instructor will contact the new member(s) via a telephone call to complete the contact information on the New Member Form.  Correspondence is then provided to the candidate, informing them of the date of their New Member Class, tithing envelope number, the process and procedure for baptism and the name of their assigned Deacon/Deaconess Family Cluster.  Upon completion of the New Member Class, the New Member Instructor will provide a completed copy(ies) of the New Disciple Information Sheet to the Church Administrative Assistant who will ensure that copies are provided to the Church Clerk and the Church Financial Secretary.

Right Hand of Fellowship:

Procedure for Right Hand of Fellowship - Upon completion of class, and/or baptism, new members will be acknowledged by the Pastor and receive the “Right Hand of Fellowship" and a Baptismal Certificate (if applicable). 

Inactive Members:

You are considered an inactive member if you have been absent from church according to the JLMBC Bylaws.  In order to reinstate your membership as active, and at the Pastor’s discretion, you must attend The New Member’s Class.  You will not be allowed to lead or serve on any ministry(ies) or committee(s) or participate in any adult leadership position(s) until you have completed all requirements for membership reinstatement.

Once The New Member's Class is completed, members, except for Watch Care members, will be able to participate in church business transactions, and receive updates and notifications of events at Juniper Level via Churchcast.  It is the responsibility of the member to keep the Church Administrative Office informed of any changes to their contact information.

New Member Reception:

Is held every 5th Sunday immediately following the 10:00 am Worship Service.