Furthermore, you shall select from all the people competent men who [reverently] fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; you shall place these over the people as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. They shall judge the people at all times; have them bring every major dispute to you, but let them judge every minor dispute themselves. So it will be easier for you, and they bear the burden with you.
Exodus 18:21-22 AMP Version

Associate Ministers:

Reverend Delores Allen

Minister Vicki Battle

Minister Arlene Daniels

Minister Arnilda Green

Pastor Gene King

Reverend Sandra King

Pastor Howard McCall

Pastor Bonita Mayberry

Evangelist Lina Oates

Minister Bonita Randolph

Pastor Renee Robinson

Minister Vera Ross

Minister Janie Rowe

Minister Brenda Seawell

Minister Dwight Springfield

Evangelist Yvette Springfield


2019 MINISTRy Leaders

Associate Ministers, Senior Pastor Jeffrey B. Robinson

Audio/Visual, Deacon William Johnson/Ervin Sanders, Jr.

Bereavement Chair, Faye Ivery

Bereavement Vice Chair, Deaconess Hannah Johnson

Bereavement Secretary, Carolyn Wall

Christian Education, Pastor Gene King & Reverend Sandra King

Covenant Keepers, Deacon Ervin & Deaconess Robin Sanders, Sr.

Culinary, Beverly Bethea

Deacon Chair, Deacon Gregory Smalls

Deacon Vice Chair, Deacon Gilbert Rivers

Deaconess Chair, Deaconess Sylvia Rivers

Deaconess Vice Chair, Deaconess Janice McNeill

Fine Arts Ministry:

·         Silent Testimony, Shea Bethea

·         Worship Warriors, Shea Bethea

·         Ministry in Motion, Paula Hall

First Aide, Sarah Loftin
First Aide Vice President, Latana Jackson

First Impressions, Yolanda McCall

Food Pantry, Deacon Wilbert & Deaconess Charlotte Clark

Hospitality, Betty Thomas

Men’s Chair, Trustee Dan Dunn

Men’s Vice Chair, Trustee Robert Tomlinson

Missionary, Angela Hinnant

Missionary 1st Vice President, Eveline Faulk

Missionary 2nd Vice President, Dale Leslie

Missionary 3rd Vice President, Betty Williams

Missionary 4th Vice President, Mamie Perry

Missionary Secretary, Carolyn Hartfield

Missionary Youth Coordinator, Jeanette Sanders

Missionary Young Adult, Kelly Wall

Music Ministry, Wilma Dunston

New Member Ministry, Deaconess Charlotte Clark

Pastor’s Aid Chair, Juanita Hall

Pastor’s Aid Vice Chair, Trustee Richard Purdie

Prayer, Minister Lina Oates & Laverne Lilly

Prison, Deacon Thomas Wilder

Security, Cleo Leach

Singles - Group Panel:

  • Angela Hinnant

  • Tammie Jackson

  • Minister Bonita Randolph

  • Anthony Thompson

  • Kelly Wall

  • Betty Williams

Sunday School/VBS Superintendent, Deacon Kelton McLaurin

Sunday Assistant Superintendent, 

Sunday School Secretary, 

Trustee Chair, Trustee Harold Miller

Trustee Vice Chair, Trustee Anthony Thompson

Usher President, Edward Barbour

Usher Vice President, Glory Turner

Usher Secretary, Lolita Howell

Volunteer Ministry, Yevone Barbour

Women’s Ministry Chair, Kelly Wall

Women's Ministry Vice Chair, Yevone Barbour

Young Adult Ministry, Pastor Renee Robinson

Youth Ministry, Pastor Howard McCall

  •  Tutoring,  

  • YD4C

  • Ladies in Training (LIT)

  • Men of Purpose and Standards (MOPS)