The Associate Ministers Ministry - Mission:

To support our Pastor as well as every other church ministry for the equipping of the disciples and the edification of the body of Christ.

The Audio/Visual Ministry - Mission:

To serve as an integral part of worship by providing quality sound and visual effects while uplifting the name of God.

The Benevolence Ministry - Mission:

To endeavor to carry the “good news” of salvation through Jesus Christ to those in need within our church and our community by ministering to the financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor and the needy. “For the poor will never cease from the land; therefore I command you, saying, ‘You shall open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land.’” (Deuteronomy 15:11).

The Bereavement Ministry - Mission:

To offer spiritual support to the church, family and community and to those persons who are grieving the passing of a loved one.  We aspire to show love, encouragement and hope through our actions and through the Word of God as they transition from mourning to joy.

The Christian Education Ministry - Mission:

To do the work of the ministry as revealed in the Scriptures.  It includes the educational training and teaching of disciples.  It is the guardianship of every JLMBC ministry in accordance with the mission of our church.

The Couple’s Ministry - Mission:

The Couples Ministry is a Three-Fold Cord Marriage Enrichment Ministry that seeks to instill in already married, engaged, and seriously dating couples with the intent of marriage within 12 months.

The Culinary Ministry - Mission:

To prepare and serve meals or refreshments.

The Deacon Ministry - Mission:

To support the Senior Pastor and to serve the members assigned to our Cluster by helping them with their needs, helping them connect with Christ, each other, and ministry.  Additionally, we want to ensure that the members in our Cluster’s spiritual needs are met, as well as to provide physical needs and assistance as needed.

The Deaconess Ministry - Mission:

To support the Pastor’s vision, assist the deacons with church ordinances, service to the congregation through guidance and prayer, visiting the sick and the shut-in and to exemplify a Christian’s lifestyle and to uplift the Kingdom of God.

The Fine Arts Ministry

  • Ministry in Motion: Mission:

    To encourage God’s people, to destroy yokes of bondage and to Worship God in song and dance.  Our expression of worship through song and dance will seek to deliver, break and pull-down strongholds within the congregation.

  • Silent Testimony:  Mission:  

    To lift up the Name of Jesus through verbal and nonverbal expressions of dance, mime, flags and praise instruments to draw all men unto Him—releasing a Spirit of Worship and praise to our God, tearing down strongholds and bringing forth healing and deliverance.

  • Worship Warriors: Mission: 

    To enhance the worship experience by setting the atmosphere in the service through dance. By offering our bodies as a living sacrifice to worship to the glory of God.

The First Aide Ministry - Mission:

To provide quality health and spiritual wellbeing to the Body of Christ at JLMBC.  We also aim to emphasis wellness and preventative measures that will lead to better mental and physical health.

The First Impressions Ministry - Mission:

To identify first-time visitors and invite them to participate in a fellowship following the 8:00 am Transformational Hour and the 10:00 am Worship Service.  Through this fellowship, the ministry will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Juniper Level.

The Food Pantry Ministry - Mission:

To be stewards in the distribution of surplus and donated good, as well as healthy food for the effective distribution, (free of charge), to people in need in the (Wake County) communities.  The Foodbank is committed to relieving hunger through the acquisition and distribution of food to hungry people throughout the communities.

The Golden Age Ministry - Mission:

To offers spiritual growth, support and fellowship to adults and seniors beginning at age 55 and above as well as to seniors from the surrounding communities.

The Hospitality Ministry - Mission:

To foster and promote a congenial, hospitable atmosphere for all individuals who attend our church within thirty second upon their entrance into the building.

The Men’s Ministry - Mission:

To strengthen the faith and build a strong Christian relationship and encourage Christ-like traits within the body of the men of Juniper Level Missionary Baptist Church.

The Missionary Ministry - Mission:

To show the love of God to others and to assist the less fortunate. JLMBC missionary ministry seeks to spread the word of God that others may come to know him. We serve the church and community.

The Music Ministry - Mission:

To enhance the worship service as well as combine and master our talents to worship God more effectively.  Additionally, we strive to enrich the service through praise, worship and devotion in song.  It is he means through which the soul and spirit reach out to God in worship and praise with a song in spirit and in truth.  The Music Ministry assists worshippers in centering their thoughts on God.  For those who are not born again, our ministry will prepare their hearts for the Holy Spirit to minister to them.

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry - Mission:

To be Servant-Hearted and Servant-Minded.  To serve and be of support to our Senior Pastor and his family in all areas of their lives with the love of God, ensuring their needs are met at all times.

The Prayer Ministry - Mission: 

To connect the body of Christ through prayer.  We seek to develop a passion for prayer in order that the Spirit of God will move as He desires.  We also seek to stand as a shield for or Pastor and him family as well as for the entire body.

The Prison Ministry - Mission:

To teach God’s Word to all inmates who come to the Sunday School Class.  It is our mission to Christ to those who accept and lead them to baptism.

The Security Ministry - Mission:

To provide a safe and secure environment for those who are worshipping at JLMBC during regular worship services, special events and other programs.

The Singles Ministry - Mission:

To provide an atmosphere for singles (young adults, divorcees, widows and older adults) that fosters’ individual wholeness through a relationship with God while focusing on the unique life situations of singles. To grow into the image of Christ and prepare them for the destiny God has already planned.

The Sunday School, Single Mom's Bible Study & Vacation Bible School Ministry - Mission:

To provide quality Christian Education learning experiences for ages three to adults through the study of the Scriptures.  Sunday School strives to encourage in-depth biblical Sunday School habits within the congregation in order that we may be able to Proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sunday School classes will consist of:  Adult Men & Women, Single Mom’s and Youth.

The Trustee Ministry - Mission:

To oversee the affairs of the church to include, management that involves long-range financial decisions that promote the mission of the church, upkeep of the property including replacement of equipment, and help members of the church fulfill Christ’s mission for his church.

The Ushers’ Ministry - Mission:

To serve together to make sure all who enter are made to feel welcome by embracing them with a smile, showing kindness, love, respect, and empathy as we let our light shine as doorkeepers in the house of God.             Psalm 84:10

The Women’s Ministry - Mission:

To support our Pastor, to unite, nurture, encourage and equip women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God.

The Yoke Fellow Ministry - Mission:

To create an environment of fellowship for teaching the incarcerated about salvation. 

The Young Adult Ministry - Mission:

To provide spiritual development, educational and cultural awareness, encouragement and support for the young adults.

The Youth Ministry (Youth Desperate 4 Christ Ministry (YD4C) & Tutoring, Ladies in Training (LIT), Men of Purpose and Standards (MOPS)) - Mission:

To provide a holistic ministry for youth of all ages. Counselling them to utilize Christian principles and educational resources in their everyday lives which would enable youth to achieve spiritual, academic and social success.